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Blue Canyon Farm

Roll Ons - Floral

Roll Ons - Floral

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Peace is our signature Fresh Lavender fragrance with a sprig of our deepest blue lavender, a jasmine petal, and our striking cornflower petals. 

Dream is a rose geranium and lavender blend that smells as elegant as it looks!

Believe is the same fragrance as our popular Focus Roll-on but is enhanced with our own bright calendula petals, a bit of orange peel, and a deep blue sprig of lavender.

Hope is a mellow roll that features our English lavender oil blended with notes of peony and amber. It contains our beautiful peonies and a sprig of lavender to look as enticing as it smells! 

Honey is as sweet as it sounds with honey, lavender, and Italian bergamot. Honey is the same fragrance you enjoy in our Sweet Bee bath bombs and Guest Soap.

Breeze Is a summer breeze carrying the fragrances of lavender and jasmine, and just as memorable!


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