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Blue Canyon Farms

Roll Ons

Roll Ons

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Bliss-This designer blend is a heavenly mix to whisk you off to your happy place all day long! 

Fresh Lavender is our best-selling roll-on with our pure lavender oil, distilled at the farm, in a base of organic fractionated coconut oil. For lavender lovers everywhere! In a convenient grab-and-go size.

Focus roll-on contains our own lavender essential oil distilled at the farm, blended with additional essential oils that are known to help with clarity and focus.

 Yikes! This popular roll-on includes our pure lavender oil and our favorite mix of oils for a curious calm. This stress reliever is in a convenient grab-and-go size.

Ouch! The perfect size to carry on your daily run. A blend of our Blue Canyon Farm Lavender Oil, spearmint, and clove is our signature soother for aches and pains.

Sweet Zzz roll-on is better than a cup of chamomile before bedtime. Breathe in this calming blend for some sweet dreams. 

Clear combines peppermint, frankincense and our Blue Canyon Lavender Oils to ease tension and provide respiratory support.

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