When I

  • was overextended with no room for self-care.

  • was ordinary and seeking extraordinary.

  • was restless and seeking discovery. 

  • proficient but lacked magical

I had to admit that the biggest problem wasn't my overextended schedule, but a schedule that included no self-care routines. Nothing that made me feel like an adventurer on a quest for magic. I need a piece of discovery!  

When we added a lavender field into our lives, I realized three things:  

  1. I needed well-tuned self-care routines, like working in the fields.  
  2. I needed to be deliberate in scheduling time for magic.  
  3. I needed to build in time for those I love, and realize goals together! 

It brings me great satisfaction to work in tandem with my husband as sowers, gatherers, and creators.  

This farm matters to me because as it continues to be a remarkable journey of discovery that is destined for joy, now I better understand how to lead others to discover it as well.  

Get ready to create the unforgettable!